The UK’s first all-in-one Solar Battery System

The Lifos FORT PV is helping power the transition from fossil fuels to cleaner off-grid energy. It is the fastest way to reduce diesel usage, cut carbon emissions and help deliver net zero targets. This hybrid energy solution significantly reduces operating costs and is changing the commercial economics of battery and solar deployment, making FORT PV the ideal investment to deliver affordable, clean power.

Advanced battery technology now available at less cost to you and the planet

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The Lifos FORT Range

Lifos offers a range of FORT models from the single-phase FORT PV, 11kW to 35kW storage with 11kVA output and solar inside, to the 3-phase range offering 30kW to 90kW storage capacity and power options from 30kVA to 60kVA. (Lifos FORT 3-Phase models available July 2024)

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Higher Savings, Hire Profits

It may seem counter intuitive to add the hire cost of a battery alongside a diesel generator to save money, but it is formula that is working, cutting diesel usage, and changing the cost dynamics of on-site energy.

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