Lifos Go

Advanced lithium batteries for power on the move

Lifos Go is a range of Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries designed to deliver outstanding performance in all high cycling applications and is an ideal, drop-in replacement for a lead acid leisure battery. Choose from four sizes to best match your energy needs.

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Lifos Battery Corner

Compatible with every charger and DC to DC converter on the market, Lifos Go is a direct swap for a lead acid leisure battery

Lifos Battery

Lifos Go will deliver up to 2750 charge and discharge cycles at 90% depth of discharge

Lifos App

Using the Bluetooth app, you can monitor your Lifos Go battery (68Ah,105Ah and 200Ah models) from your smartphone

Lifos Battery Side

Space saving and compact, Lifos Go is 25% of the weight and 30% of the size of a lead acid battery

Lifos Battery Front

Safe and reliable power is assured with the internal battery management system (BMS)

Lifos Go12Ah

Lifos Go 12Ah is ideal for mobility scooters, golf carts, alarm systems and any application that requires a high cycling battery

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Lifos 72 Battery

Lifos Go 72Ah

This low height Lifos battery is a perfect fit where access space is limited – such as under the seat in a camper van

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Lifos Go 105Ah

As the flagship in the Lifos range, Lifos Go 105Ah is the only choice where maximum power, minimal weight and longest cycle life are critical.

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Lifos 200 Battery

Lifos Go 200Ah

Lifos Go 200Ah is the largest in the range and is the ultimate choice when your demand a combination of power and longevity in a compact and lightweight package.

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