Solar Powerful

At Lifos Integrating solar with battery storage is an essential part of the energy transition and delivery of better value on site power. The Lifos FORT PV comes with 18 solar panels inside that can be either ground mounted or added to a frame for flat mounting onto a cabin or container.

Lifos solar panels

The 190W Lifos solar panels are designed to neatly fit inside the FORT storage unit. The panels come with kick stands for quick deployment and are lightweight for easy handling.

Lifos solar roof frame

This uniquely designed Lifos roof frame allows the solar array to be built on the ground and craned on to the roof of a cabin or container. The 18-panel array offers 3.4kW of power and will generate on average 3200kWh per annum, making the Lifos solar battery system ideal for office cabins, containers and security huts.

 Solar expertise

Our Lifos technicians can provide the help and advice you need to ensure you get the right solar and battery configurations for your individual energy requirements and optimise your potential renewable energy generation.


Solar first

Every FORT PV is configured to take solar first, and therefore, no matter how sunny the weather the FORT always prioritizes solar over other energy inputs, so you always maximize your renewable energy gains.


Solar products and services