The Lifos FORT Product Range

The FORT range is available in a variety of storage sizes from 11kW to 70kW. There are 2 model ranges. The FORT PV, single phase energy storage with PV included in the box and the 3-phase, larger capacity units with the PV array available to purchase separately. All Lifos FORTs come with the LiQ intelligence Hub providing access to essential data, performance monitoring and ESG reporting tools.



The all-in-one solar battery energy storage system has 11kW, 23kW 35kW storage options. It offers an 11kVA output and includes the unique Lifos solar array of 18 x 190W panels.


• Footprint 1.2m x1m

• Weight of 35kW FORT 750kg

• Technical data sheets available on request.



LIFOS FORT (3-Phase)

Available June 2024

The FORT 3-Phase range will offer storage capacity from 47KW to 70kW with output options from 30kVA to 50kVA. This range is available from the summer of 2024.


 If you are interested to know more, please get in touch by emailing or call 01952 200198.






The solar roof frame is available to purchase separately and fits into the FORT PV box for easy storage and delivery. The kit includes a reinforced aluminium frame with specifically designed fixings for easy construction and structural rigidity.

• The frame measures 10ft x 10ft and designed to fit on cabin and containers roofs with ISO fixings.

• Each frame holds 9 x 190w solar panels and the FORT PV holds 2 frames and 18 panels.

• Technical sheets available on request.


To order please contact or call 01952 200198.