Award Winning Innovation

The Lifos FORT PV is the first all-in-one solar battery storage system, designed and built in the UK, winning accolades for its environmental benefits and helping power the construction and events industry’s transition to a lower carbon future.

Hybrid power in a box

The Lifos FORT is a complete renewable power system in a box. Fully hybridisable, with its own solar panels or connected to a genset, there are no circumstances where the Lifos FORT won’t save money on diesel costs and lower your carbon emissions.

Portable Solar Array

The FORT PV comes packed with 18 x 190W solar panels providing 3.42kW of renewable power. The panels can be ground mounted or fitted to a Lifos roof frame, and craned onto the roof of a cabin or container. All the parts for the solar array fit neatly into the 1.2m x 1.2m FORT box making it easy to transport and quick to deploy.

Award Winners at Plantworx 2023

LIFOS has won the Environmental Initiative Award at Plantworx 2023. The Lifos FORT PV was recognised as ground-breaking innovation for the construction industry – ‘This highly effective innovation is set to significantly reduce the cost, noise and emissions of using a diesel generator on site, representing a new era in sustainable, long-life solar battery storage.’

The FORT Product Range

With a range of model sizes from 11kWh to 90kWh of storage and 11kVA to 60kVA output both single and 3-Phase, there will be a FORT to suit most applications.

The LiQ Intelligence Hub

The LiQ intelligence hub is Information at your fingertips with access available online or via a dedicated App. A user friendly, multi -tier data management system provides complete visibility of your asset with access to essential performance data and ESG information.


5-Year Warranty 

All Lifos FORT products are designed with quality and reliability in mind and carry a market leading five-year warranty.



The 7-Year Switch

 The 7-year switch is a product optimisation programme that extends the life of your battery and reduces the lifetime costs of ownership. Critical components including the battery cells are replaced after 7 years for around the third of the cost of a new FORT, extending the life expectancy of the asset to over 15 years and beyond.