The LiQ Intelligence Hub

The LiQ is the beating heart of the Lifos FORT, providing essential data and insights to manage, monitor and accurately report on the health and performance of the battery and it’s environmental impacts.

Information at your fingertips

A revelation in Battery management systems. The LiQ is easy and simple to use, whether you are monitoring battery usage live on site or providing detailed energy reports across a fleet of FORTs. The Lifos LiQ is Information at your fingertips with access available online or via a dedicated app.

A multi-tiered platform

The LiQ intelligence hub is a multi-layered system allowing permitted users different levels of access, making it ideal for hire companies and remote energy management. Easy access and unique codes enable owners to manage individual users, as well as monitor a fleet of FORTs in the field.

Simple bar code access

If you need to check the battery storage levels, simply download the app to see the essential live data you need.



Ideal for hiring and hirers

Users will have a log in specific to the unit they are using. Each time a new user hires a FORT they will be issued with a unique login code. Previous users will still be able to access and download their usage for a period of 12 months.



The LiQ is the smart answer to off-grid energy management and ESG reporting

The LiQ smart hub is an original, new software application, designed by Lifos and purpose built for better battery management. Reporting is quick and intuitive and easily configurable. It is also available in various formats and with self-selecting time frames, making the LiQ the ideal way to share diesel and carbon saving information and support ESG reporting commitments. 



Flexible, configurable and transferable data

 LiQ information can be integrated into other reporting systems and data can be transferred directly or via CSV files.



LiQ software and service charges

The LiQ is a 24-hour managed service, providing real time data, product monitoring and alerts, including a comprehensive IT back up and storage system. Lifos charge an annual owners fee of £120 and a small monthly user fee is also payable.



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