Lifos Core will reduce your electricity costs

UK designed and manufactured the Lifos Core will significantly reduce electricity costs in your home whether you have solar panels fitted or not.


Intelligent, flexible, safe

Optimal savings

Intelligent Battery Management System

Flexible Usage

Use with or without solar panels

Safety First

Built in fail safe mechanisms

An intelligent system

Using premium Lithium Iron Phosphate battery cells for safety, stability and long life coupled to our intelligent battery management system (BMS) ensures the Core both charges and discharges at exactly the right time to ensure optimum savings for you.

Easy to install

With the ability to couple to any hybrid inverter – see link below for compatibility tested inverters – the Lifos Core is quick and easy for your chosen installer to fit.

Safety first

Designed with safety in mind; in the event of a house fire or exposure to very high levels of heat, the Core’s internal fire retardant barrier will protect the battery cells. Not only that but should there be a fault with your grid connection the Core’s BMS is designed to always fail to safe, thus ensuring you can rest easy!!

Easily accommodated in your home, the Core will fit into any kitchen or utility room base unit over 500mm wide. The unique Lifos Float Plate lifts the Core above the base of the cupboard ensuring no damage to the woodwork and a cover completely encapsulate the Core Battery Unit providing enhanced safety and ensuring you have only sacrificed less than half of your valuable cupboard space.

Five year warranty

Supplied with our class leading 5-year warranty and with a life expectancy of well over 10 years, the Lifos Core will provide many years of reliable service helping to provide you with grid independence.

Compact dimensions and easy to install

Industry leading warranty

Use with or without solar panels

Using Lifos Core with Solar Panels

If you have solar panels ready fitted or are just starting to investigate this, fitting a Lifos Core is a perfect addition. It is well accepted that in most households, the residents will only consume half of the solar electricity generated from their solar panels. The rest goes to grid and little or zero benefit then goes to the homeowner. Far better to harvest that wasted solar electricity for use later in the day.


Using Lifos Core without Solar Panels

Sometimes fitting solar is simply not possible because there is not enough viable roof space, or you live in an apartment. Not to worry, battery storage could still be a great solution. By changing the tariff with your electricity provider or switching provider altogether you can find one that is well suited for use with a Lifos Core. For example, the Octopus Agility tariff enables you to charge your batteries after midnight at a very low rate (circa 8p) and then release later in the day when the cost is much higher (circa 25p). The benefit is the difference between these two costs or in this example 17p per unit or Kwh. If, for example you have a 10kw Lifos Core that means your net benefit per day is £1.70 – that’s a reduction on your annual electricity costs of £620.50.

With electricity prices expected to climb ever higher the value of the saving provided by your Core will rise too.