Where did it all begin?


Lifos started in 2017 as a brand of sister company Solar Technology International, when the Lifos Go range was born. Launched after extensive research and development, the Go range quickly became the number one brand of drop-in lithium batteries for caravan, marine and industrial users. 

Over the following years, Lifos extended its technical capability and was joined by some of the UK's finest lithium chemists, electrical engineers and CAD designers. 

In 2021, Lifos Advanced battery Technology became a separate company. Now operating in a state of the art facility in Telford, the newly formed Lifos accelerated its development program and in 2023 launched the Lifos Fort – a state of the art battery storage unit including solar panels for use in many applications where off-grid power is necessary, such as construction, civil engineering, festivals and location broadcasting, glamping, to name but a few.

Our commitment to our customers, products and the environment is absolute, and we will never stop striving to deliver outstanding products at less cost to you and the planet.

At Lifos we are always 




We create innovative power solutions that deliver safe, dependable energy storage for a wide range of applications. From roving campers and mariners to fixed abodes or remote research sites, we keep people plugged in. Our precision blend of chemistry and technology offers a new and improved way to power your world.