Designed and Built in the UK

At Lifos we are always looking to advance Battery performance and technology. The result is a new generation of higher quality, more sustainable batteries, providing improved reliability, safety and longevity. It is called the Lifos FORT. We are a specialist team of engineering experts, and battery chemists, with an experienced renewable energy team, sharing a mission to develop innovative energy products, like the new FORT PV, and producing them in the UK.


5 -Year Warranty

The 5-year warranty reflects the confidence in the resilience and reliability of our products and it comes with a Lifos commitment to support and maintain the FORT across its whole lifecycle.   



Safety is a priority

The Lifos FORT comes equipped with 15 fail safe mechanisms that will automatically stop machine function if there is exceptional stress on the battery. Highest quality components and factory testing are important contributors to product integrity and longer-term performance. And our LiQ monitoring service has an alarm system to alert users of any potential problems.



The FORT PV is easy to use and set up

New technology is often daunting and sometimes challenging. At Lifos we have designed a battery solar system that is quick and easy to deploy and easy to use. We provide help and support via a user friendly, Lifos Ap, with remote monitoring to help manage performance and report on savings and energy usage.



Cleaner, dependable power at less cost to you and the planet

Lifos FORT PV is the route to lower cost, dependable on-site power. An essential component of the transition to cleaner energy. It is reducing diesel consumption, running costs and reducing damaging emissions. Every off -grid site can benefit from a Lifos FORT. All hybridised generators dramatically reduce diesel usage.




Lifos FORT is one of the greenest batteries you can buy

Sustainability is at the heart of what we do. Our engineers are applying smart technology and their expertise to improve performance and deliver more sustainable storage solutions. We are designing hybrid solar compatible batteries to help drive down carbon emissions and fight climate change and using longer life renewable components to create more sustainable product life cycles.

And our end of life recycle scheme means that we make sure all components are recycled, thereby minimizing waste and maximising recovery of precious materials.


A unique component replacement scheme

All FORT customers have the option to join our unique Lifos 7-Year Switch scheme, allowing customers at the end of year 7, to upgrade critical components. The old battery cells will be tested and re-used for second life battery applications and your Lifos FORT battery is returned to operating like new, extending the life expectancy of the asset to 15 years and beyond.



The LIFOS FORT is setting the benchmark for more sustainable, environmentally friendly batteries.