Lifos Fort FAQs

What is a Lifos Fort PV?

The Lifos Fort PV is a complete all in one battery energy storage system with its own solar panel array. The Lifos Fort PV offers up to 30 kw of battery storage.

What is hybrid energy generation?

Hybrid energy means using two, or more, different types of energy sources. When the Fort PV is combined with a diesel generator you have the combination of solar and battery storage being used with diesel as a back up energy source to power the batteries when they are low on charge.

Would a Lifos Fort PV replace my diesel generator?

This depends on usage there are scenarios where it could replace the diesel generator but more likely it will work alongside the diesel generator in hybrid mode. Hybrid energy can reduce diesel consumption and carbon emissions by up to 90% particularly where demand is a low and constant load, like welfare cabins and show homes for example.

Can a Lifos Fort PV be plugged into the mains?

Yes it can be connected to mains for recharging

I can see a Lifos Fort PV offers single phase, are you developing a 3-phase version?

Yes, 3 phase will be available from Q4 2024.

How do I use the solar panels?

The solar panels can be set up in two ways. There are 18 panels delivering 3.4 kw of power. They can be ground-mounted, each panel come with their own kick stand, or you can use the roof framing system allowing the solar panels to be mounted to a container or cabin roof.

How much solar power can the array generate?

It depends on the time of year as more solar will be generated in the summer months. Over a year the panels will produce around 3.1MW on a flat roof and up to 3.5MW ground mounted. The Fort system also prioritises solar power over any other power input so when the sun shines the energy is free.

Is the panel mounting system easy to assemble on site?

It will take two people approximately 1.5 hours to assemble the solar panel system. It can then be lifted with supplied straps onto a 10, 20 or 40ft container and locked on using the isofix points.

How long do the batteries last in the Lifos Fort PV?

The batteries are warranted for five years. We also have a 7-year switch program where we will swap the batteries for new ones after seven years and give a new five year warranty.

What happens to the batteries at the end of their life?

Since we built and monitored the battery systems, we will be able to remove the battery cells and re-use them in other lighter power applications. The battery is a modular design so it is easier to break down the battery into its various components and when the battery reaches end of life we have a certified recycling partner to manage and recycle the various components. For more information see our green mission on the Lifos website.

Is there a way of monitoring the data from the Lifos Fort PV?

Yes the Lifos Fort comes with its own telematics system called LiQ. This enables you to monitor and record data from the Fort. The information includes how much solar and battery power you have used over a day/week/month and also how much diesel and CO2 you have saved.

Can this LiQ website be linked with our own telematics website to manage the fleet?

Yes the data can be exported to any other software package.

If you have any more questions about Lifos Fort, or any other Lifos products, please complete the contact form here , email or call 01952 200198.