Higher savings, hire profits

Combining the FORT PV with a diesel generator is saving money and reducing emissions. An ideal opportunity for Hire companies to push the net zero transition.


Combining the FORT PV with diesel generators reduces costs

It may seem counter intuitive to add the cost of a battery alongside a diesel generator to save money, but it is formula that is working and changing the cost dynamics of on-site energy. 



On the road to net zero

By running a gen set at optimal levels for less time, fuel consumption is dramatically reduced, saving on diesel storage, diesel fuel costs and generator run time. Case studies show usage rates reduced by up to 90% depending on the applications and power requirements. 

The battery and diesel generator combination is reducing operating costs and cutting emissions, helping deliver both net financial savings and net zero carbon targets. 

It is a win-win for Hire companies, who can now provide more equipment and services; generate new income from batteries and solar, as well as save customers money and reduce emissions. The FORT PV is a game changer. It won’t be long before every diesel generator is partnered with a battery.



Cost of ownership just got a whole lot better too

A combination of competitive FORT PV prices and longer life performance is changing the lifetime value of battery ownership.

With prices starting around £25,000 the FORT PV high performance batteries are now more affordable than ever and with a market leading 5-year guarantee financing periods are being extended and monthly costs of ownership reduced.



The 7-Year Switch

The 7-Year Switch is a product optimisation programme aimed at extending the life of your battery and reducing the lifetime costs of ownership. This unique initiative from Lifos allows FORT purchasers to extend the life of the battery by exchanging the main battery components on the 7-year anniversary of purchase. giving the Lifos FORT a new lease of life, with another 5-year guarantee, and 7 plus years extra performance.

 It is a unique buy back scheme that enables Lifos to re-use the old battery cells for good causes and for FORT owners to have their existing battery working as new, for around a third of the cost of buying new.



The 7-Year Switch enhances re-sell value

The FORT PV financial equation really does add up. Hassle free battery power comes with a 5-year warranty, a 7- year upgrade and lower lifetime costs. Worth a conversation.


To find out more about the financial benefits of owning a FORT PV get in touch with our Lifos team.



Better for the planet

The 7-year switch scheme is extending the lifetime value of batteries, re- using cells, reducing waste and recycling components to maximise asset value and minimise environmental impacts. Lifos manage the battery life cycle, so you don’t have to worry about waste or recycling.


Discover more about our Green Mission and the Lifos Cycle.