Mission Possible

'We don't just care about the life of our batteries, we also care about the life and health of our planet'


Our precious planet

Battery storage is an essential component in our fight against climate change and the transition from fossil fuels to cleaner renewable energy. But it comes with a cost! The essential move to a carbon free environment is driving an inexorable worldwide demand for battery power and this demand is putting unprecedented pressure on planet resources. If we continue to build batteries like we do now, it is predicted by 2050 our appetite for Cobalt and Nickel will exceed all known planetary resources and 86% of known resources of lithium will have been removed. We need to find new ways to make our carbon free journey more sustainable.

Designed for the future

How batteries are designed and made will define their environmental impact for generations to come. Creating a circular economy for batteries is crucial to prevent one of the most important solutions to one environmental crisis becoming the cause of another. As a specialist manufacturer of batteries, we take this responsibility to the core of our design and production philosophy.

The Lifos Battery Cycle

The LIFOS cycle is all about reducing demand on the planet’s natural resources and creating a more sustainable future. We will do this by extending battery life; repairing not discarding; replacing and re-using; reclaiming and recycling; The Lifos Battery Cycle will help us deliver a circular economy, shape a greener energy world and protect our environment.


Clean energy storage at less cost to you and the planet

Build longer life batteries

Advance technology to improve storage efficiency and performance, extending the lifetime value of materials and components and by so doing, reduce waste

Lower operating costs to accelerate the transition to a low carbon economy

By lowering costs and delivering competitive clean energy solutions we will help drive a faster adoption of zero carbon technologies

Fighting climate change is the environmental imperative

We will create innovative ways to reduce carbon emissions and minimise the impact of the battery life cycle on the environment

LIFOS - shaping the future of battery design

At LIFOS, we are committed to producing more environmentally friendly batteries. Our engineers are using smart technology and their expertise to improve long term performance and deliver sustainable storage solutions. We are designing hybrid renewable batteries to help drive down carbon emissions and fight climate change – and using longer life renewable components to create more sustainable product life cycles. Explore our initiatives in more detail below: