Making Green Batteries a Reality

Only a few years ago the making of genuine Green Batteries was a mission many thought impossible but at LIFOS it has always been our goal. Always searching and researching every step of the way to reduce carbon emissions, extend component life and recycle everything we can.

The LIFOS Fort is the first major step in this direction – and sets the benchmark for future green batteries.

At LIFOS we will continue to explore new technologies and work with specialist partners to reclaim and recycle precious metals. We will deliver a circular battery economy.

We are also working on innovative battery chemistries to find and test new component materials that are more abundant and sustainable.

LIFOS is a business focused on improving the life and health of batteries and the life and health of the planet.

Advanced Battery Technology

We are experts in battery science and engineering and we intend to be at the forefront of battery development and manufacturing in the UK.

Our scientists are currently developing new chemistries and clever design solutions for all types of applications, for homes and businesses and off grid requirements so when it comes to green solutions and innovative ideas.

We have plenty in store …