The Second Life Program

The disposable economy does not apply to Lifos. Yes, it’s true that much over 10 years and our battery packs, whether in Fort, Core or a custom battery solution will be past their best. But not dead! At that stage in their life, they may only be operating at 60% to 70% of their original capacity and as such not ideal to continue to function as they were originally purchased for, but through our innovative Second Life program they will live on.

Lifos is developing a Second Life program to offer all customers the opportunity to part exchange their old battery cells for brand new. Lifos will provide a buy back price, which will be credited against the cost of a new battery, thus ensuring the customers original product could easily have a perfectly good working life of 20 years or even longer.

What do we do with all these old, exchanged battery cells?

Even though their performance is well below their best, Lifos will test these batteries to ensure there is at least 5 years of (suboptimal) performance left and we will build them into our existing products; Lifos Fort, Core and Custom , before supplying them at a significantly reduced cost to humanitarian groups, charities, aid organisations, NGO’s and many more.

This not-for-profit program allows us to serve deserving causes whilst keeping our batteries away from recycling for the longest period possible.

Eventually all things must come to the end of life, and this is where the Lifos return to base facility allows all dead battery cells to be collected and returned to us.

We are always in control throughout the battery's life and when the time comes, the battery can be collected and recycled