Tailor made batteries – for a perfect fit

You can’t force a square peg into a round hole – and the same is true with a battery. But with the Lifos Custom Battery service you might just be able to!!!! For original equipment manufacturers there are often times when a standard off the shelf battery to suit your application is just not available and, in this case, talking to Lifos is the first step to solving the problem.

Our experienced team have the design and technical skills needed to create a battery pack that fits exactly – no guess work, just a perfect fit every time with the reliable power delivery that Lifos is well known for.

Once we understand your size and positioning constraints and your power / load requirements we can create a design within hours and provide a fully costed product quotation shortly afterwards. The battery housing will be made to hold the lithium battery cells and battery management system, which we will program to suit your load and the entire pack will be delivered to you ready to connect. We provide several communications protocols including RS485 and Can and BUS we can also provide GSM monitoring and GPS tracking so you and your customer can keep an eye on performance and equipment whereabouts at all times. We can even provide essential battery data on an app showing your company logo and corporate colours to ensure your brand stays at the forefront of your customer’s mind.

From on off prototype to large scale production, all assembly takes place at our Telford facility, where we welcome trade visitors with prearranged appointments.

Contact hello@lifos.co.uk or 01952 200198 for more information.