New Lifos storage product should be at the Core of every home

Electricity conservation and the smart use of that resource is vital if we are to achieve net zero as a nation. One way to help achieve this and save money at the same time is by fitting the new Lifos Core.

The Core is a 5kw and 10kw lithium battery that connects to a grid tied inverter, which is then easily programmed to both harvest any spare generation from your solar panels and also allow the grid to charge the Core after midnight when electricity is at its cheapest, then delivering this power from breakfast time onward when peak charges usually apply.

This means that a home with solar panels fitted, could run without any electricity bills for at least 6 months of the year and for the remainder of the time, could reduce its peak time use of grid supplied electricity by up to 100%.

For a home without solar, selecting the larger 10kw battery makes more sense as this allows a full 24hrs electricity supply* to be loaded at off peak charges ready for use during the day and evening, thus carving up to 75% from your bills.

With two fitting options, a wall / floor mounted cabinet or kitchen cupboard mounted, there is a space in every home for a Lifos Core, whether you want it be visible of completely hidden out of site. Both systems are provided ready to connect to the inverter and our team of approved installers can supply and fit, fully back by the Lifos 5-year warranty.

Contact or 01952 200198 for more information.
*Average UK household electricity consumption is 8 to 10kwh per day.