LIFOS wins the Environmental Initiative Award at Plantworx 2023

The Lifos Fort solar PV battery storage system won the Plantworx Environmental Initiative award with a product that is set to help the construction industry transition to a diesel-free and low-carbon future.

The award-winning product is set to significantly reduce the cost, noise and emissions of using a diesel generator on site, demonstrating a new era in sustainable long-life solar PV battery storage.

Adrian Williams, Managing Director, said “The Environmental Initiative Award is a recognition of the serious carbon reduction benefits of the Lifos product and the unique design of the all-in-one solar battery package. Winning the award is a tremendous boost to the engineers, designers and everyone involved in the development of the product.

”The Fort is the most advanced all-in-one solar battery storage system, with three models – 12kWh, 23kWh and 35kWh – offering power output options from 11kVA to 70kVA. The Telford-based company has developed a range of lithium-based solar PV battery storage systems to deliver long lasting power in lightweight packages. 

Packed with 18 solar panels that neatly fit inside when transporting, the Fort delivers 3.4kW of green power complete with a kick stand or optional container roof mounting kit. Ideal for use on any construction sites, even in remote locations or fixed onto the roof of a welfare unit. 

Manufactured in Telford the LIFOS Fort is a major step forward in battery performance and smart battery management. It will supply information on diesel usage, CO2 savings and solar power generation for easier ESG reporting. The Lifos Fort comes with a 5-year warranty and unique battery replacement scheme incorporating a new-life, battery cell replacement programme.

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