Lifos Go 200Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

As the flagship in the Lifos range, the Lifos Go 200 is the only choice where maximum power, minimal weight and longest cycle life are critical. Introduced in 2021, the Lifos Go 200 has already proven itself in many challenging applications from powering large electric propulsion systems to delivering reliable and long lasting power in remote camper van expeditions.

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Product Overview

The Lifos Go 200 delivers a whopping 2304 watt hours of useable power thanks to its advanced battery management system and the high quality of the internal lithium cells which allow the battery to be discharge to 90% of its gross capacity without damage. 

It would literally require a lead acid battery of 360Ah to equal the power of the Lifos Go 200 and with a weight of more than 100kgs compared with the Lifos Go 200 weighing in at just 24.5kgs.

Like the rest of the Lifos Go smart range, the Lifos 200 can be connected in series (x4) and parallel (x4) if required and also comes with our Lifos app as standard.

Supplied with an industry leading 5-year warranty and a 10 year plus life cycle, the Lifos Go 200 is a sound long term investment where maximum power is needed.

Lifos Go 200 is supplied with a five year warranty and ECE regulation R10 certification.

LIFOS GO 200Ah lithium iron phosphate battery


Long life

Lightweight & compact design

Fast charging

Free Bluetooth App

Built-in battery management system (BMS)

Removable connection posts

Expert support

5-Year product warranty

Technical Specification


Electrical Specifications
Nominal Voltage 12.8v
Nominal Capacity 200Ah
Energy 2560Wh
Resistance <10mΩ
Efficiency >90%
Self Discharge <3% per month
Maximum Batteries in series 4
Maximum Batteries in parallel 4


Mechanical Specifications
Dimensions inc Terminals 522 x 239 x 225mm
Weight 24.5Kg
Terminal Type Copper Pole M8
Terminal Torque  <10N.m
Case Material ABS UL94V-0+PC
IP Rating IP54
Cell Type (Chem) LiFePO4
Charge Specifications
Recommended charge current 40A - 100A
Maximum charge current 120A
 BMS charge current cut off  >100A
Recommended Charge Voltage 14.4v - 14.6v
BMS Charge Voltage Cut OFF 3.75v+/- 0.025v/cell
Composition Information
Max Continuous Discharge Current 150A (30 mins)
Peak Discharge Current 200A (3 mins)
BMS Discharge Current Cut Off >200A (6s)
BMS High Temperature Cut Off 50ºC charge/60ºC Discharge
Low Voltage Disconnect >11.2v
Reconnect Voltage >12.8
 Short circuit protection  >1000A
Temperature Specifications
Discharge Temperature -20~60ºC
Charge Temperature 0~50ºC
Storage Temperature -20~40ºC
PCM High Temperature Cut-Off 85ºC +/- 5ºC
Compliance Specifications
Certifications CE             
ROHS, UN38.3
ECE regulation R10      
Shipping Classification MSDS Class 9