Lifos Custom

Whether your company manufactures or assembles golf carts, e-boats or battery generators you may need to use a battery pack exactly designed and made to suit your application.

Whilst there are hundreds of readymade battery solutions on the market, only a Lifos Custom battery will provide you with the exact power you need and, in an enclosure, designed to fit exactly into your product.

A good example are boat builders. There is currently a large shift toward electric propulsion in this exciting market and all of these e-boats need a battery pack. Whilst conventionally shaped batteries like the Lifos Go could be ideal, it could be much more efficient and cost effective to have a battery designed in an enclosure that closely hugs the interior contours of a boats hull, thus keeping the centre of gravity as low as possible and the battery out of the way of the users!

In addition, we can also provide the exact current and voltage for the application along with a range of communication options from Can Bus, to Bluetooth, to RS485, to GSM and many more beside.

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