See the massive savings Hybrid Power can deliver

The new Lifos FORT PV's battery and solar combination is providing housebuilders with a lower carbon, lower cost way to power sales offices and welfare cabins. Take a look at the impressive figures below, showing the weekly savings from a recent trial for a national housebuilder using the Lifos FORT PV with a 20kVA generator.


The construction industry is moving towards hybrid power, and Lifos FORT PV, which comes with a 5 year warranty and 7 year replacement scheme, is your cost effective advanced battery solution for the future. For more information about the Lifos FORT PV and details about the savings to be made with hybrid applications, call 01952 200198 or email


If you would like to see the Lifos FORT PV in action, with a factory tour included, come along to our Open Day on June 13th in Telford - click on the logo above for details or just get in touch on the numbers above.